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The Prince D'Bruce Perfumery

So what is a Perfumery & why is it a big deal?

A perfumery is a place where custom fragrances are made.  The Prince D'Bruce Perfumery is the only one of its kind in Jamaica. A place for perfume aficionados and people that prefer the finer things in life can create unique fragrances and products by directly participating in the mixing process. At the Prince DBruce Perfumerery, this process is called Signature Scents. 

By creating your own fragrance with Prince D'Bruce Signature Scents, imagine that you can create signature scented candles, diffusers, and aerosols for a big occasion like your wedding or child's first birthday. Now imagine that you would also be able to gift each guest with a small sample perfume of that fragrance to take home and as time passes once they smell that fragrance again they will be immediately brought back that your special moment, this is because of the sense of smell is the sense with the strongest effect of conjuring memories.

The possibilities are truly endless with custom fragrances at Prince D'Bruce Signature Scents

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Our Mission

To become the leading brand for niche and custom fragrances in Jamaica, while offering best in class shopping experiences, service and customer care. 


To lead the creation of a globally recognized scent and fragrance industry from the Caribbean.

Opening opportunities for new fragrance-based products and experiences.